Monday, June 4, 2007

The Weekend

I have so many things I want to talk about, but I think this first entry will serve as a "What I did on My Summer Vacation" type of entry. I'll leave the cerebral processes that went along with it for another day.

Friday evening: The usual. Fed children. Hosed them down. Made sure they're teeth weren't crusty. Made sure bladders had been emptied (oh yeah, I'm not making assumptions on that front for a while!), read stories, sent them to bed. Then I sat on the couch. And sat. Why this unusual gravity connection with my furniture? I was waiting. One of my marital pet peeves is that I have to be the one to bring up any concerns. To address the white elephant in the room - despite my begging each and every time that I'd like him to do it, he doesn't. So I tried again - and sat and waiting for him to bring up the issue that I had already brought up but had not been addressed for the past week. Do I need to say it? He didn't. So, of course, I did. I explained the same things I've been writing about. He defended, then accused. While we resolved, once again, nothing, it was one of the better conversations we'd had in over a month. I know I'm not the easiest person to live with. I know it. However, what people who work with me might be surprised to learn is that I only need two things (well, from an SO, that is). It's the same two things that I've said I've needed for the last several years. Not only do I not get these two things from my husband - he couldn't even tell me what they were. That was the lowest point, as far as I was concerned. Oh, what are they? I need communication and to feel important. Yeah, I know - it can be a lot to ask for. Please understand though, I don't mean I have to ALWAYS be the most important thing in his life - but it would be nice to be amongst the top three occasionally. OK, so like I said, we didn't come to any amazing revelations, but we at least cleared the tension for a while. Then we went to bed (yes, separately).

Saturday: Remember, that today is our wedding anniversary. I decided I wanted to go somewhere different and go geocaching. OK, time for a quick lesson on geocaching. When my dear friends, Melissa and Joe first told me about it, I didn't understand. I basically considered it a medium-high tech scavenger hunt. When they came to visit, and I went along on a "find" - I was hooked. This is why: Look around your city, town, whatever... how much is there that you didn't know about? What strange little finds are there, that someone else points out to you? Geocaching, to me, is about seeing my own town (or any others we visit) from another perspective. Here are some pictures of our geocaching adventures on Saturday:

This tree looks like it was struck by lightning. There was this amazing shape to the burned out section, and although it's now been chopped up, it's easy to put the story back together, by looking at the photo.

The geocache was hidden around here: What the heck was this doing in the middle of a beautiful wood, and how did it get here? Again, there's a story here - told by a silent, deserted, rusted out, shot-up, muscle car...

As we were leaving the area, we were lucky enough to find a few elk - we know that there had to be more in the area, but these were the ones who were less camera shy.

After geocaching we went on to have dinner. At one point, I turned to T, and said, if these guys (pointing to the children) weren't with us, this would be the saddest anniversary dinner ever.

After dinner we went to a nearby park to allow the kids to play, and mom had the camera in hand... this one is my favorite picture from the day, but I took quite a few great ones (if I say so myself).

Then finally, home to bed.


alienbody said...

Men can be extremely dense sometimes! Other than having to step around the big elephant in the living room, it sounds like you managed to do some fun geocaching! Love the rusted car. Looks like redneck lawn art! :-) This coming from someone who has nothing but dead plants in pretty containers on her front porch.

Chickenbells said...

Geocaching is super fun...and that looks like an unusual one...and Happy Anniversary, I guess... ;)

Unknown said...

I cannot help but to mourn the tragedy of what T has created. It is his lost opportunity, his chance to create something beautiful and meaningful. He has a wife capable of great things in a relationship. Instead of inspiring her, he's left her numb.