Tuesday, June 26, 2007

New Low

I sunk to a new low last night. This one was surprising, even for me.

I watched a movie on the Lifetime Channel. (I'll pause for you to be shocked and pick yourselves back up off the floor). Ready?

Ok, this wasn't just an out-of-date chick flick finding a home for a couple of hours on the Lifetime Channel - this was an honest - made for women - made for television - made for Lifetime Original Movie - starring Jennie Garth of course. (Come On now, if it weren't for Lifetime what would those girls from 90210 do with themselves??)

It was called Girl Posi+ive (see how clever they are over there - using the plus sign for a "t" - you just can't buy entertainment like that!) Anyway, it's the story of two pretty blonde females that are positive for HIV. The movie takes place on a high school - and the audience (I have to assume I wasn't the only one) gets part of the information via really hip things like text messages, a video blog, and a MySpace Page.

The part of the movie that bothered me (aside from the part about me watching it) was the idea that kids in high school still didn't know much about the virus - and that the CDC is recommending that everyone be screened annually starting at age 13. Age 13????

Holy shit. I am in no way ready to be a parent of a teenager.


alienbody said...

Thirteen! That's just a year and a half away for us! Yes, I'm afraid...very, very afraid!

Chickenbells said...

Yikes...that seems a little young. I think I was still playing with dolls with my sister when I was that age...