Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Mission

If you have children (or if you have nothing else to do on a Saturday morning) you're probably familiar with "The Little Einsteins". They are constantly off on exciting adventures (featuring great works of art and classical music, of course). Their cry is "We have a mission"!

Well, today WE (meaning you and I) have a mission.

I want us to stop allowing ourselves to be victims - of anything, anyone. Cut the words "I have to" out of your vocabulary - for just one day. Today is going to be a day of making choices. I chose to get up this morning, chose to get myself cleaned and dressed, chose to get a coffee, and chose to come to work. (Where I am choosing to not start work quite yet, so I can write this.)

My normal terminology, would have me saying, or at least thinking, I have to get up... I have to get to work... not today. Today is about choices!

Do I get to make all the decisions that my life needs today - indirectly - absolutely! My bosses may demand something of me, and I'll feel I have to do it, but I don't. I choose to do it, or accept the consequences if I don't - but either way - it's my choice.

This may be a small step, but it is a step to taking back my own life. Soon, I'll CHOOSE (almost typed have to) make bigger decisions, but hopefully this exercise will give me the strength to make the right ones.

So my friends, I encourage you to make good choices, recognize that they are your CHOICES and not your REQUIREMENTs, and take control. Good luck. Please wish me the same.


alienbody said...

Excellent point! Today I'm CHOOSING to not make myself crazy getting ready for house guest, I'll choose to not panic that my son is graduating middle school tomorrow (I chose to buy waterproof mascara for the event) and I'll choose to not to hide behind my weight and wear those darn shorts today because it's going to be stinkin' hot! Now, with all seriousness, I do not envy your decisions of late and I think this this is an excellent step toward reclaiming your life!

alienbody said...

Oops, I meant my son is graduating FROM elementary TO middle school. Eeek! Let's not rush things!!!