Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Today's Lesson

Focus on the moment.

That's my motto for today. I'm often feeling like I'm waiting. I'm waiting for the weekend, waiting for Monday, waiting for 5:00, waiting for vacation, etc. I remember as a child making fun of my father for planning his next meal while eating his current one. At breakfast, we'd talk about lunch, at lunch we'd plan dinner. I thought it was a terrible way to spend the time. I was right. So, why am I doing the equivalent?

During the work day, I'm thinking about what I need to get done at home. When I'm at home, I'm thinking about what I need to get done when the kids are in bed. When the kids are in bed, I'm thinking about what time I need to get up the next morning. You see the pattern.

So, last night I stopped myself. I had laundry to run, dishes to do, needed to get packed for my trip, needed to eat dinner. But I stopped. Looked. Listened. I sat on the couch, across from my children and just looked at them. Of course, then I had to get up and take the following pictures, because they were too cute not to. I especially like how the cat works her way into the scene.

So that's the plan for today, folks - focus on the moment, taste it, savor it, don't rush onto the next bite.


alienbody said...

With any other cat I would have thought it accidental that she end up the focus of the scene....not so with your cat. She is a total attention slut!

Your blog mirrors my sentiments for this summer. Savor the moments, all of them. With Nick going to middle school and on the brink of teenagedom, I'm afraid there are not that many 'moments' left.

Chickenbells said...

Wonderful...I hope it works for you! I tell you, I have to remind myself constantly to be in the moment...then I start thinking about the next moment I need to be mindful for...eeek!