Thursday, June 21, 2007

I (t) M (i)

I am a self proclaimed instant messaging junkie. When the kids are in bed, the ol' Yahoo happy face comes out to play. In reality, it's an amazing tool - I'm able to keep in touch with friends that live in different states, have conversations at both parties convenience. If a kid pops out of bed, it's a lull, but unlike a phone call, it doesn't stop the whole process.

However, I do believe that IM is leading to I (t) M (i) - for me the Instant Too Much Information!

There is a person on my list that I never really speak to; it's a friend of a friend sort of thing. However, I keep her on the list for pure entertainment. The information that she puts in her "status" is just mind-boggling. I've seen things like "in the shower"; "watching tv"; "relaxing" - um... ok...

However, I've also seen "send me your address"; "planning the funeral"; "shopping for new underwear" - what's next "pooping"?

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