Thursday, June 28, 2007


I've always been good at multi-tasking. For example, right now I'm both looking forward to and dreading my trip. Let's break it down:

Things to look forward to:
Fun time with the kids
The Beach
Seeing my brother for the first time in over a year.
Meeting his girlfriend.
Seeing my sister for the first time in just under a year.
Seeing my niece and nephew and watching them play with the kids.
Seeing my parents - especially now that mom is healthy.
Geocaching in a brand new area and state.

Things to dread:
The flight.
A lot of uncomfortable time with T
Talking to the family about making the decision.
Making the decision.

Ok, I'm a logical sort of gal - for now - things to look forward to outnumber the things to dread. We'll go with that.

I probably won't be able to do a lot of updates while I'm gone - I though about bringing my laptop, but decided I just didn't want to carry it!

Take care, and I'll catch you all on the flip side!


alienbody said...

Um, on the Things To Dread list you forgot to mention that you'll miss 'chatting' with me everyday! I know it was just an oversight, with all the rush of packing and all. I forgive you. :-)

Chickenbells said...

Fly away girl...sink your toes into some sand, and enjoy the ocean...and your family! And think...whatever your decision is, this may be the last vacay you have to take with T...who knows?