Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Let's talk about sex, baby.

I'm deprived and obsessed.

I knew about the deprivation. After all I am a woman of moderate intelligence, and I'm in a passion-free marriage. I've had sex this calendar year, though - twice! So yes, I know that I'm deprived.

I didn't realize the level of obsession I've reached until this morning. I was happily awaiting my coffee drink at the local Starbucks drive-through. My normal choice is a fat-free Carmel Machiatto, but I decided to try something different today - looking to get myself out of my rut, perhaps? Anyway, today I ordered a non-fat orange mocha. Ok, this may counter the intelligence notation above, but I looked at that receipt no less than three times. It said ORGMO - and I was still waiting for that $4 orgasm I just paid for.

Still waiting...


thatgirldina said...

You had me cracking up with this one Poodle! Of course, some of us believe the Starbucks Orange Mocha is actually BETTER than sex...but that's a whole different post. :)

alienbody said...

I've yet to find anything at 'bucks that ranks up there with the bit O, but hubby makes a mean chocolate martini that is a bit of knee spreader!

I think you need a girls weekend in Vegas. Hey, their slogan says it all "What happens in Vegas......"

Debbie said...

OMG that is so funny! An iced coffee at Burger King isn't so bad either. And half price! That way you can be cheap AND easy with your ORGMO!

Deb B. in VA (Swap-Bot partner for "Where I Live")