Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Musical Score By... Everyone!

It's usually someone else's words that get stuck in my head and pound my skull until I let them out. This time it was my own.

Two nights ago, I was having a "conversation" with an old friend. (Instant Messenger has replaced actual voice conversations). What I told him was that, "The soundtrack of my life would have been very different had you not been in it." OK, so maybe it was the modified Josephine Baker I was drinking (vanilla vodka, Chambord and orange juice) but I'm not sure what made the statement fall out of my fingers. However, a truer statement may never have been typed. He is a musician, and I spent a lot of time at his shows, listening to his music, dragging every friend I could to a dreary club in San Jose. OK, so I had a bit of a crush on him - but that's the point - those are the songs I listen to even now. The ones that bring back memories of people, places, where I was, what I was doing...

It occurred to me that the songs that I have loaded in Pepe are so eclectic - that there is only one thing that links them together: me. Seriously, I have everything from Anne Murray to Skid Row; Barry Mannilow to Fall Out Boy; Beethoven to Bowling for Soup. These artists have nothing to do with each other, but in all cases I can remember where I was in my life when I heard the songs. This wasn't necessarily the first, 10th or 100th time I heard the song, just the one that stuck. It's where I was when I heard them, not when they were recorded that matters.

For example, I have songs on the Ipod from The Cars. I can't hear anything from them without thinking of another crush from high school - he loved The Cars, and I wanted to impress, so I listened to them too. The same friend called me "Goody Two Shoes" - are you surprised to hear that Adam Ant is on here too? I have "Beautiful" from James Blunt because another friend said the song reminded him of me. I have a song by Quiet Riot because my oldest friend loved them eons ago. I remember the song by Adam Ant, "Desperate but not Serious" because of a very specific road trip with someone I've lost contact with - and no, it wasn't in the 80's.

Here's another strange musical connection. When I walk just to get somewhere, at my usual pace and stride, not for exercise, not a stroll, and not with anyone else I've often found that pace matches the remake version of "All of Me".

So, friends, what songs make up the soundtrack of your life? Why? Not all of you comment here, and that's fine - but I'd love to hear a story of one of the songs in your life. Music has so many amazing powers - it can tell a story perhaps we cannot.


alienbody said...

I'd have to think long and hard about musical connections, but there is one that I do recall, often and with a smile. I can't remember how old I was, but I was riding with my cousins in my uncles motorhome and we were just setting out for a summer water ski trip. My uncle had unusual taste in music, he played the following song and we all practically wet our pants listening to it. I'll never forget that time, it was a lot of fun. The son is Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport.
There's an old Australian stockman, lying, dying,
and he gets himself up on one elbow,
and he turns to his mates,
who are gathered 'round him and he says:

Watch me wallabys feed mate.
Watch me wallabys feed.
They're a dangerous breed mate.
So watch me wallabys feed.
Altogether now!

Tie me kangaroo down sport,
tie me kangaroo down.
Tie me kangaroo down sport,
tie me kangaroo down.

Keep me cockatoo cool, Curl,
keep me cockatoo cool.
Don't go acting the fool, Curl,
just keep me cockatoo cool.
Altogether now!

Take me koala back, Jack,
take me koala back.
He lives somewhere out on the track, Mac,
so take me koala back.
Altogether now!

Let me Abos go loose, Lou, *
let me Abos go loose.
They're of no further use, Lou,
so let me Abos go loose.
Altogether now!

Mind me platypus duck, Bill,
mind me platypus duck.
Don't let him go running amok, Bill,
mind me platypus duck.
Altogether now!

Play your digeridoo, Blue,
play your digeridoo.
Keep playing 'til I shoot thro' Blue,
play your digerydoo.
Altogether now!

Tan me hide when I'm dead, Fred,
tan me hide when I'm dead.
So we tanned his hide when he died Clyde,
(Spoken) And that's it hanging on the shed.
Altogether now!

Chickenbells said...

Oh, I have much the same range of music on the Nano you do on Pepe! I walk every morning be-boppin' around the neighborhood to everything from Techno (which usually reminds me of an old boyfriend) to the song Talkin' To An Angel, which reminds me of a sort of old boyfriend (who later came out of the closet...I like to think I have that effect on boys...sigh.) I think though, that music, much like scents can just transport you right back to that time...

Although, I hope to not have that "I'm such a bad-ass and detached and terribly cool-but, why doesn't anyone notice me?" dance-club face on while I'm walking around the neighborhood...

corky said...

Yep, most of my musical memories are based around people I knew:

My all-consuming crushes:
K -- "A Quick One" - Ric Ocasek
A -- "Absolute" - Scritti Politti
J -- "Kiss the Drummer" - Adam Ant

My two loves:
J (the elder) -- "Talking Loud and Clear" -- OMD
K (the younger) -- "I Think I Love You" --The Partridge Family

My friends, living and dead:
B -- "Good Days, Bad Days" -- Richard Butler
R -- "Magic" -- The Cars
J -- "Favourite Shirts" -- Haircut 100
P -- "Self Control" -- Laura Branigan

And I had a friend in high school who I used to call "Goody Two Shoes", too!

Unknown said...

"Drive" by the Cars reminds me of some great nights, even though the song is so depressing and a total non-sequitor to what memories it evokes.

I hardly ever listen to Chicago anymore, but when I do, I have to smile.