Monday, June 11, 2007


Monday's have a bad rap. Ok, so it usually means the start of 5 days of work, but if you're in the right job, that shouldn't be a bad thing.

So today is Monday. For me, it's a good thing. The more time I'm at work, the less time at home. The busier I am, the less time I have to figure out what to do with my personal life. The more distractions I have, right now, the better.

I'm headed out for vacation in 2 1/2 weeks. Vacations have a completely different meaning than they used to. A vacation was time spent with friends, plenty of adult beverages, perhaps a trip to somewhere warm, usually one involving sand. My last three vacations have all been to Maine. No doubt a lovely place to visit. However, the problem I'm faced with is that I need a vacation from MY LIFE, not from work. And life comes with me on these trips.

We'll be taking the red eye out. Yikes - a red eye with two small children? Yep. My parents were nice enough to spring for the tickets, which is much appreciated. Unfortunately, they went for accommodating T's schedule - and he asked for "the latest flight possible" on that day, so that he can sleep during the day. Well, that's great for him, but there's one problem - I can't sleep on a plane without chemical assistance. I could easily enough take a sleeping pill, but I'm concerned about being able to watch my children while medicated. Wait, what am I thinking? Of course T will take responsibility, right? He'll have been given the opportunity to take a nap during the day, so HE'LL watch the kids. See what I mean about life coming with me on vacation?

Once we get there, we're staying at my parent's summer house. My sister and her family live there, too. So these vacations are about letting the cousins play together - in new and different ways. Again, I'm not complaining about that - I never had cousins (both my parents were only children) and I'm glad my children have cousins that they enjoy so much. However, arranging play dates, cooking meals, cleaning the house is not what I'd consider a vacation!

One of the things that I am really looking forward to, however, is the opportunity to see my college roommate again. We lost face to face contact years (never mind how many) ago, and have had only sporadic e-mail contact ever since. However, she lives in Maine, and is only about an hour and a half from where we'll be - so we will get to see each other once more. The kids will be there, so that will limit the adult beverages to coffee - we'll have to not eat - to reenact our time as roommates. (Who had time or money to eat - we needed to save our money for the important things - clothes and alcohol!)

So perhaps, for those few hours - I can have a true vacation - forget about life as I know and instead, relive it when it was so much easier.


alienbody said...

Reading this blog reminded me of the movie we watched last night, The Never Ending Story. In that movie there is a vast NOTHING that is destroying the imaginary world of Fantasia. The world is falling apart piece by piece, until all that remains is a fine grain of sand. Yes, it's a little dramatic to associate the movie with your life, but my mind made that leap for some reason. Don't fall into the NOTHING, you have far to much living to do for that to happen.

Chickenbells said... sounds as if you'll need a vacation from your!

Debbie said...

Here's an idea: On your way to Maine, take a detour to Virginia. What better way to have a vacation than to go visit someone you've absolutely NEVER met and go to a place you've probably NEVER been to? Lots of room here for your kids to run and run and run - then get really tired so they'll sleep while you indulge in adult beverages. (OK - maybe the baby won't run and run, but you get the idea.) Maybe I'll send you some info about my town too!

Oh - and we've already made a pact that we're no longer going on vacations close to family. We wasted a lot of time waiting for all the schedule to gel so we could see everyone. No time for US! Know what I mean?!

I do hope you have a wonderful time seeing your roommate again though. Sounds like that could be fun (if the babies are watched by the daddy/grandparents that is... But we all know about that!)

Debbie said...

Now I feel like a dweeb. Why was I thinking you had a baby? As in a "aw-isn't-she-so-adorable-when-she-isn't-spitting-up" baby?? I haven't a clue. Senior moment. Yeah, we'll go with that...