Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yesterday... All My Troubles

Yesterday was a definite challenge in the home-world.

It actually started the night before with a puddle forming on the living room carpet. Turns out there was a really bad leak in the kitchen which had pooled up and was finding his way into the living room. I went home around lunch time to greet the plumber who resolved the problem in mere minutes. I was then to spend the rest of my day pointing my hair dryer at the carpet.

After the plumber left I heard the plaintive cries of the cat. She had been locked into one of the kids' rooms by mistake. I'll pause a moment while you figure out that a cat has certain biological needs. Yes, the cat was forced to find an alternative to her litter box. Her spot of choice? My son's beanbag chair. So, before sitting down on the floor with the hair dryer I had the joy of throwing out a soiled bean bag. I opened the windows in the room, the hallway, and the living room and kitchen to air out the trapped cat cologne as well as provide more carpet drying opportunities.

My eventful day was brought to a joyful close by what else? Those angelic children of mine. On the one hand we had the two kids sitting behind the couch sneaking - of all things - vitamins. They each ate about 4 of them. (Luckily there was no iron in them). Then they chose to lie about it to their mommy. Needless to say, they had a VERY early evening and were sent to bed immediately after dinner. (Now, just for the record, yes, the vitamins are kept where they can reach them because they know the rules and have never eaten more than one at a time - and yes, they obviously couldn't follow the rules and the vitamins have been relocated to an out-of-reach location.)

On the other hand - my husband just brings home the best stories from the children's schools. Last time it was S who didn't want to be in the same class with the loud boys. Today it was A who was discovered playing away from most of the other kids, with just one little boy. They were both discovered sans pants. If you read my friend Dina's Blog, you might remember the cries of "It's Party Time" associated with my daughter. Just what I need a half-naked party girl. Well, there's still hope - last night she said she wanted to be a penguin when she grows up. (Penguins mate for life, don't they?)


alienbody said...

It's a damn good thing we are friends, because with our daughters we'll need each other's shoulder to cry on!

Chickenbells said...

Damned Stupid seems so very logical and straight forward in theory, then does child rearing right? sigh.