Monday, April 2, 2007


Do you think Monday's would be less challenging if we didn't have two "days off" before them?

It's early yet, and the challenges I'm going to need to face today are already overwhelming the opportunities to work on longer-term goals and projects.

In the deep, dark recesses of my mental attic, behind the smell of my grandmother, behind the memories of being a low grade childhood thief, I have a secret fantasy. To not have a job that requires me to have any responsibility. With responsibility comes all kinds of heavy weights. Many years ago I had a job in an answering service. The phone rang, I answered it. I took a message. Done. The phone would ring again, I'd repeat the process. It was easy, it was light, at the end of my shift the job was done. The work didn't continue to trail behind me like a Designer Impostor perfume. Now, I finish one thing, and there are ripples of aftermath to wade through. I go home, and there are still remnants of work clinging to my clothes.

This fantasy, however, is short-lived and then I get back to work and realize that I love challenges. I want to make things better. I want to be the work equivalent to a superhero - find a problem swoop in (superheroes always get to swoop) and save the day. There wasn't a whole lot of swooping opportunities at the answering service.

Well, time to wonder about a simpler life is done - I've got work to do.

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