Friday, April 20, 2007

Ode To Thursdays

I love Thursdays.

First of all, Thursday night T works. This usually means the evening starts out a bit hectic, as I get home from work about 2 minutes before he needs to leave for work, so there's just a brief window of opportunity to exchange information - the kids have eaten, haven't brushed teeth, have taken a bath, haven't done homework, etc.

I am the homework oversee-er. So while I blow my daughters hair dry, my son does his homework, then we all sit on the couch for some reading. After that we play games, and we talk, and we just be. I love this part of Thursday because there's nobody else to interrupt my time with the kids. T means well, but he'll interrupt conversations with the kids, or he'll tell them to do something when I'm already in the middle of it. At best it annoys me. Most of the time it drives me crazy, because I think it undermines what I'm saying to the children. I especially can't stand it when I'm telling them what to do, or I'm showing them something and T tells the same thing, only louder - to me that sends the message that - what mommy says doesn't matter - until daddy backs it up.

However, I digress - this is about my love affair with Thursdays.

Now I know, Friday is the more popular choice for favorite days. You never hear anyone say TGIT! Not for me.

Thursday is the foreplay of the weekend. Friday is more like some under-the-shirt action, but Thursday is the first kiss. Thursday is the look, Friday is the purchasing of condoms. Thursday is a blush that you feel starting at your toes, Friday is the clothes dropping to the floor.

Don't get me wrong - all those things (and Friday too) are wonderful and exciting. Thursdays are subtler, more tempting, to be savored.


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How wonderful...theres nothing like Thursdays is there? And there's nothing like being underminded either...I was just picturing my mother rolling her eyes at my father the entire post! Have a good weekend as well...even though it's not quite Thursday.