Sunday, April 8, 2007

Do Not Read If you are Faint of Stomach!

I've wanted a new pet for a while. A floppy-eared bunny. Now this is not a spur of the moment thing - I've wanted a bunny for years. Being Easter weekend and all, I even went to so far as to look into Petco to see if they had any. Not only didn't they have any with the right ears (I just love the floppy eared - they look like they need love) they won't sell bunnies around Easter as they tend to be spontaneous purchases and get abandoned. So I didn't get one. This morning I'm glad.

I have to ask myself - why do I make such efforts to complicate my life further? What am I looking for that makes me think *more* additional responsibilities will help?

It is 7:30 on Easter morning, and I've already dealt with more poop than I need to all day. Hell, all month! My son as usual was up bright and early this morning, and came into visit me. I don't know what happened exactly, all I know is as a result of peeing he managed to poop his pants. A LOT! So, as I mentioned it's now just 7:30, and I've already run a load of laundry, cleaned a toilet (let's here it for Clorox wipes!) and given a child a bath. So, for those keeping score, I've removed poop from cloth, porcelain and skin - three different types of surfaces - and I haven't even had a cup of coffee yet!

A rabbit? Don't they poop a lot? Just what was I thinking?


CC said...

I had a pet rabbit when I was growing up. My brother and I were afraid of it. It's nose moved so fast. We were afraid it would bite us. Our mother had to give it away "because I'm damn tired of having to clean out the cage." It seems mothers tend to take care of "the family pet" no matter how much the family protested for the animal to begin with. So good decision. And good for Petco. Responsible of them.

thatgirldina said...

Am I an utterly terrible friend for admitting that I am cracking up reading this post? You know I adore you and your little family, which makes this read a little more "visual" for me...thanks for that. I think. I do hope Sawyer is okay however and doesn't have a mad case of the sickies or something.

As far as the bunny thing...yeah, I can relate. I almost came home with a big, fat, calico guinea pig this weekend.