Sunday, April 22, 2007

Es Aye Tee You Are Dee Aye Why Night

Come on, it took you a minute but you figured it out, right?

I've created a monster. Granted, it's not a large monster, and is relatively containable. However, it is a monster nonetheless. A six year old sports fanatic. For all that I like to blame on their father, this one is about me. Now, T is a full-sized (hee hee) sports fanatic - but he's happy enough watching them on TV. Not me, I like sports, but only if I can watch them live. I'll have a game of some-kind on in the background, but I can't sit and watch it - not with my undivided attention - unless you get me to the arena, ballpark, rink, what-have-you. Then I'm glued to the action!

So, about my monster. My son is the same way - although he also likes watching the sports on TV, get him at a live game and he's enthralled.

In Prescott, Arizona we don't have a lot of exciting things to go to. So, when the local team makes the playoffs - that's pretty darn exciting. So, we planned ahead - we got tickets in a front row of a section (so that even 4 and 6 year old fans can see it). We had "quiet time" so we were prepared for a late night. We wore white shirts to support the team making the playoffs. And away we went!

The evening started out well. We got to meet Bernie (Burnie?) the Sundog up close and personal! The kids exchanged high-fives, and on a very rare occurrence - I actually had my camera with me!

We made it up to our seats, and watched as the Sundogs played. There were of course the necessary trips to the bathroom and the requisite snack providing. For my daughter, A, the snacks were the high point. However, I am amazed that T will buy cheddar flavored popcorn and not think to get napkins. So while we wore white shirts TO the game, we pretty much wore orange shirts home. I of course asked T to go get napkins, but whatever they use to make that stuff orange - doesn't come off with mortal options. My daughter still has orange fingers! (However, this was what they looked last night, it's not so bad anymore...)

My son was enthralled in the game - he knew what was going on every step of the way - he cheered along, he "Charge!" (d)" at all the appropriate moments, he gave high-fives whenever they scored. My daughter, liked the excitement of the game, but covered her ears with orange stained hands (oh, yeah, blonde hair - not so much) whenever it got too loud.

That was two very tired, orange colored children we brought home last night. My son actually slept until 8:00AM - an amazing feat!

Today we're taking things a little more quietly, (remember there is a 4 and a 6 year old here - quiet is relative), it's nearly 11, and 1 child is reenacting the game from last night, and the other is working on a puzzle. We've already gone to the store to get a newspaper and coffee, even delivered one to daddy who had to be at work around 5:45 this morning, run one load of laundry, made dinner, and now I think we'll move to some very exciting things such as more laundry, grocery shopping, etc.

My sports monster has interrupted my typing this no less than three times to ask me who won last night's NASCAR race and if the Arizona Diamondbacks played last night. Is there a cure for this?

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alienbody said...

First,NO! I have not figured out the title. Yes, I'm a dork. My only suggestion is to save up your money, because all those sports teams and equipment and travel to league tournaments will get expensive. However, when he goes pro and becomes famous, cha-ching....payback time!!!