Thursday, April 5, 2007

Two Stories... Two Children

I have to get right to work this morning, but wanted to take a minute to share a couple of stories about the urchins.

1. My son told his kindergarten teacher that he didn't want to be part of her class anymore. Now, I'm sure this is probably a pretty common occurrence - that the kids want a different teacher because they do or say something "mean". Nope, not my kid. He got upset yesterday. Very upset. It was time to go to lunch, and all the girls were standing quietly as they are supposed to. The boys line was a loud, unruly mass of wiggling puppy-like flesh. Except one. Yep, my kid. He got upset because he didn't want to be labelled as "bad" because the rest of the boys were misbehaving. So, he wants to go to another class where the boys behave better. This story came to me via T - the teacher told him the details. Now, I love the fact that she thinks Sawyer is the best behaved boy child in her class (she even told T for us to keep doing whatever we're doing!) but I worry about his sensitivity. I would understand it a little more if there were ever severe repercussions for being "bad" - but it's just his nature. He likes rules. Go figure!

2. Since my son and T were at the doctor yesterday afternoon, I picked up my daughter from pre-school at the YMCA. As she talked a mile a minute, we wandered through the classrooms until we got to hers so she could collect her "ears" and her lunchbox. (It was their Easter party yesterday and they had made ears, and she had a furry tail stuck to the back of her shirt). Anyway, I look around and see on one of the display walls the heading "What I Want To Be When I Grow Up". I was a little disturbed to see how many of the 4-5 year olds had said they wanted to be cheerleaders, but there were also things like "mom", "fireman", "pilot", etc. I asked my daughter where hers was. For some reason, hers wasn't in bold print like the others. Then I figured out why. What does A want to be when she grows up? An Otter.


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