Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Red-Wolf Equivalent

The following must be read using your best 'documentarian-sneaking-up-on-a-sleeping-red-wolf' voice.

It has been spotted. The rarest of all things. We've heard rumors of their existence, but an actual sighting - this is too good to be true. It is..... a day off!

Yes, it's true! The house is quiet (aside from the occasional bark or meow). There are no children here. There are no husbands here. There is only me. **sigh**

Yes, folks, I have taken the day off! T has taken the children to his mother and step-father's house an hour away and will not return until after dinner-time. Originally the whole fam damily was supposed to head down there tomorrow for the big Easter Do. However, T now has to work tomorrow, so his mom asked him to come down today instead. Thinking quickly, I made other plans for Saturday - and therefore couldn't go.

Now, don't get me wrong, his mom is pleasant enough, and I really like his step-father, too. However, a few years back we separated and I haven't felt comfortable around his family since. Of course, T doesn't really help the situation - he doesn't make efforts to help me to feel more comfortable - I still have to be the bad guy, I still have to be the one to set the limits, to tell the kids when they're over the top, etc. It also just occurred to me as I write this that I think T just reverts into childhood when he's around his mother. He has no problem what-so-ever having his mom wait on him while we're there. Ah, but I digress...

It's now 10:22 A.M. I have had my freedom for 18 minutes. So far, I have taken a shower. Yep, that's it. But that's still pretty exciting. If you're a mom of small children (or have been) you know that an uninterrupted hot shower is pretty nice! Of course, I earned that shower. I was in mommy mode from 7:30 - until 10. I've entertained children, reminded them about going potty, brushing teeth, getting dressed, and brushing hair. I've made breakfast. I've cleaned up after breakfast. However, that's all done... and the day looms before me.

I have plans to meet a friend for lunch, sushi, YAY (something I don't get to do with the kids). Then I think we'll look for a couple of smaller geocaches (the kids only like finding the bigger ones with toys in them!). I need to get the fixin's for the kids' Easter baskets, but I find that even errands like Target or Wal*Mart are peaceful when I can just wander the aisles and not have to remind anyone to keep their hands to themselves. I think I might even splurge and get a caramel apple today - LOVE those, but don't do it often! I may get my fingernails and toenails painted. I may not.

That's the best part of this whole thing - isn't it? I MAY do.... I MAY NOT... there's nobody else's agenda but my own.

Well, enough writing about it - I'm going to start MY day!

(Oh, The red-wolf is one of the rarest mammals - there are estimated to be less than 150 of them left)

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