Monday, October 29, 2007

I thought I Knew What To Do

I had it in my head - when I became single, I knew how I was going to handle it. I knew how I was going to keep things simple, easy for my children. I wasn't going to let them get attatched to any man I was seeing. Hell, I wasn't even going to let them know I *was* seeing anyone!

So much for the best laid plans, right?

The last time I was separated my children were toddlers. I had more options about their exposure. Now, they're too smart, and too old, and all my plans are worthless.

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alienbody said...

Ah yes...the biggest mistake we make as parents is thinking we can actually 'plan' beyond a play-date or trip to the supermarket. Anything involving another human being and anything slightly resembling future aspirations are completely at the mercy of fate! Well, at least some part of it! It's a wild ride this thing called life!