Friday, November 2, 2007

1 vs. 100

No, not the game show.

Here is my question for today. Why is it that you can get married by filling out one simple form, but in order to get divorced you get a 3 pound packet of paperwork to complete?

I picked up this packet a couple of days ago, and I've done a little work on it daily since, but I've barely made a dent. This this is so huge, so daunting - is that the idea? Make sure they *really* want it by burying them in paperwork?

The good news, is that I did tell T that I picked up the packet, and hoped that once I got through as much of it as possible, we'd be able to sit down and go through the rest. I'm hopeful that we can be friendly enough and stick to the agreements we had in place. Unfortunately, I'm seeing friends of mine, in various stages of divorce, finding that things didn't go the way they had planned.

Keep good thoughts in your head for me, and I'll keep Neosporin and band-aids around for all those paper cuts I'm sure to earn.

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alienbody said...

I think you're right. The divorce process is designed to make you 'think' about it. How sad is that? To be swayed from getting a divorce because the fricking paperwork is too long? Are they serious? Yea, THAT'S a good reason to stay with someone. Sheesh!

O.k. I know it's designed to really make you think about what is at stake, but it's more fun to bitch about the process!

I'm so happy that you are moving forward and on with your life and while it won't be easy or may turn ugly, there is peace and happiness waiting for you when it's all done.