Thursday, November 8, 2007


Every new relationship has to go through the phases, right? The just getting to know each other phase, the learning about each others pasts phase, the "let's go out" all the time phase, the "let's stay in" all the time phase (wink, wink), the "what do you want to do tonight" phase.

Well, there's another one. At least there is in my life.

Poor D was introduced to the "Liz is on meds" phase. I had a migraine last week and another one forming yesterday. No big deal, I have medication for 'em. The problem is, that in order to break the cycle of the migraines, I have to take a complete dose of the medicine. A complete dose take me 4 hours, and since the pills make me tired and loopy, staying awake and REMEMBERING to take them every hour is a challenge.

My whole life, I have been very sensitive to medications. I've hallucinated on codeine, sudafed and vicodin. I've had complete conversations in person and on the phone while on medication, and not remembered a thing.

I *think* I remember everything from last night, but can't really be sure. I know that I wasn't my brightest, my wittiest, or my most entertaining self. Hopefully, I also wasn't my drooliest, slurriest, or sloppiest self either.

On the good hand, the migraine seems to be gone, just a little medication hang-over this morning. Being a light-weight kinda sucks!


alienbody said...

Dang! You don't remember last night? But what if it was really good? You'll have no memory of it. Well, on the same token you won't remember even...wink I guess it doesn't matter.

alienbody said...

Hello!!! It's been, like, a week! New post, please!