Friday, October 12, 2007

Sports and Men

I like sports. I always have. Once upon a time, I had two male roommates. I thought it was very funny, that on the rare occassions that we would get a Sunday paper, one would go for the comics, one would take the Science section, and I'd grab the sports page.

I'm not fanatical, but I do love to watch sports live. I can take it or leave it on television, usually. I'll have it on, but then I'll be doing other things, too.

It occurred to me last night as I was watching the Diamondbacks lose game one in the series, that I don't enjoy sports as much when I'm not single. Why is that?

I remember when I was first dating, T. He came over one night, and was surprised that I had a boxing match on the TV. However, as the years went by, he was the one camped out in front of the television and I was leaving the room. Why didn't we watch sports together? Why did his desire to watch sports incessantly take mine away? Ah-hah... I think I figured something out... maybe it was the fact that he'd rather watch sports (ANY SPORTS) than spend any time with me. Maybe that's what happens, maybe I resented it so much that I would giveup something I liked doing, just in the hopes of getting attention.

Damn, what am I a child? Oh well, one more lesson learned, right?


TheLongRoadHome said...

That's something I didn't know about you; I never knew you liked watching sports.

alienbody said...

Hello!!! Time for a new post! I'm waiting!!!!!! :-)