Monday, October 8, 2007

Which comes first?

In a strange conversation last night, I was accused of giving "management style answers" to direct questions. While I stated, and still maintain that my answers were straight-forward, I wondered for a quite a while... which comes first?

Am I a manager because I have the characteristics to make me a manager, or do I have the characteristics because I've been a manager for so long?

I was given my first management job when I was still in college, and I was managing a group of people in an answering service (little did I know that that was the first step to a long career in technical call-centers, but I digress). At that time, was I already destined to be in management for the rest of my career?

I do know that I tend to manage outside my office, as well. I do use some of the techniques that I've learned over the years in conflict resolution, problem solving, and rational thought.

However, I do believe that I give direct answers to direct questions - at least to the best that I know how to do it. Often times, I'm not avoiding an answer, but my own answers are vague, because I realy don't know!

And, D, I still don't have an answer to that last question of the evening!

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alienbody said...

Hmmm, hard question to answer. I think you had some of the traits to be a manager, but over time you've just developed them more and so now it's hard to determine which came first!