Thursday, October 25, 2007


It's official. The holidays are almost here. How the hell did that happen?

Next week is Halloween. Next month is Thanksgiving. The month after that is Christmas. Holy shit!

This year the holidays will be a little different for me. This year, T will have the kids on Halloweeen and Thanksgiving, and I will have them on Christmas and New Year's. This is not by any great planning, it just worked out that way, as he has to work on Sunday - Wednesday.

I don't mind being on my own for Thanksgiving - although, I'm not sure I'll manage to stay alone that day. I do, however, feel for the kids - they will be spending Christmas just with me. They have a great big family about an hour away, who will be doing their annual "do" - but they won't be included because their mom won't be invited and their dad will be working. I'm just going to have to find some other way of making it special for them (and no, I don't mean overload on presents - not my style!)

Today marks another kind of celebration - but it's not mine to share. However, to the person involved, know that I will never forget this day, and that I'm so happy you've made it through so far. More to come, I know, but celebrate your successes as they happen.

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alienbody said...

Did you mean me at the end of your blog? If not, well....I'll just think it's me anyway. :-)

I can't believe you said the H word. I shudder to think how quickly those dang holiday's crept up on us!!