Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Names and Titles

A brief IM conversation last night, led me to thinking about names and titles. How many of them I've held over the years. This is what I've got so far:

Daughter, friend, best friend, girlfriend, lover, fiancee, wife, ex-wife, ex-girlfriend, boss, employee, colleague, granddaughter, great-niece, aunt, sister-in-law, step-sister-in-law, sister, Lizabeth, Liz, Lis, Beth, Flopsy (thanks, John), Munchkin, Honey, Hon, Babe, daughter-in-law, step-daughter-in-law, M's wife, T's Wife, two different Mrs. XXX's, Ms. X, Miss X, and then we hit my favorite section, momma, mommy, mom, mother.

Somewhere in there is a definition of who I am. I just need to work on the balance.

1 comment:

alienbody said...

I've worn many of those titles, too! However, I must agree that the last few are my favorite.