Monday, October 22, 2007

The Journey

I was looking back at the past this weekend, through pictures and blog entries and I truly began to realize how much my life has changed.

Let's step into the Way-Back machine!

Not everyone knows this, but I was married years ago, when I was young and stupid. (As opposed to the less-young and less-stupid that I am now.) Although the marriage was a big mistake, it put me on the path that I'm on now - and in a way, I can't help but wonder what if...

My first husband, M, had quite a temper. Let's just keep it to being married was hazardous to my health, and leave it at that. When I left him, I did so because I realized I would never trust him around children, which I knew I would want. However, I left him when I was living in a state where I knew nobody else. I ran away to New York City, where I stayed on my very patient sister's couch for three months. After that, I moved down to Maryland, where I knew one person. I lived there for six months, then moved back to California.

When I moved back to California, I was a different person. I had proved to myself that I was strong enough to stand on my own. Good thing, too, as a few years later, I found myself moving yet again, to another town where I didn't know anyone, this time in Oregon. A year after that, I was moving again - this time to the Sacramento area in California, where I knew nobody. (These moves were all for my career).

In Sacramento, I dealt with various challenges professionally, and personally, and made it through all of them. Along the way I met, married and had children with T. We moved to Arizona a few years later and well... here I am.

The point of this is that - it took some really tough times to figure out that I could handle them, and now that I'm having some really good ones, I thought it was a good idea to remember that. Right now, I'm happy. I have a job I enjoy, a great relationship with my children, a home I'm proud of, friends I love. I'm sure that tough times are lurking around another corner, but I know now, that I can face them, and that there are bright points just beyond.

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alienbody said...

Right on sista! You've come a long way. A thick skin is necessary as we age, but a soft heart will keep you happy!