Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Go Army!

Remember that slogan the Army used to use for recruiting? How they did more before 8AM than most people did all day? With all due respect to those that serve(d) in the armed forces, they ain't got shit on a single mom with a full-time job!

Ok, so technically I'm not a single mom - but I am 4 days a week. Here's a summary of what I did yesterday:

Up bright and early, ran laundry (child had an accident), put away clothes in the dryer from the night before, vacuumed living room floor, ensured children were dressed in clean, semi-color matching clothes, with brushed teeth and hair, sunblocked said children, dropped them off to before-school care, went to work. Put in a good 9 1/2 hour day, pick up children from after-school care, get them home, bathed (complete with hair washing), made them a semi-healthy dinner (hey, MOST food groups were represented), then turned them over to a friend for an hour while I went to their school for parent's night, as well as to pick up all the soccer gear and forms for T, who volunteered to coach S's team. (Please note: *I* didn't volunteer, but I'm the one picking this stuff up, signing forms, choosing a practice field and day, etc.) Get home from the school, and say goodnight to one child, thank the friend/babysitter, play with the other child until his bedtime, then get him in bed. Then I was allowed to have dinner myself (three cheers for leftovers!) After that, I did some more cleaning, more laundry, and vacuumed my bedroom. Around 10:30 I went to bed.

Of course, being a sorta single mom - going to bed does not necessarily mean the end of the day! I had one child with a bad dream, one with a radio issue, one with shadows moving in her room, and one needed a Kleenex and couldn't find one. Yes, I know I only have two children.

This morning the routine starts all over again with the need to run the washing machine - *again* (Damn cat and her hairballs!), and all the rest...

Go Army - Let's See You Beat That!

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