Wednesday, August 1, 2007

August 1st

I always used to love the first day of a new month. I made a little ceremony out of changing my calendar over. "Calendar Changing Day" I called it. OK, so I wasn't too creative as a child.

Now it seems like a new month presents a new list of things to get done - meetings that seemed further off are now right in front of me, more birthdys to think about, not to mention all the bills that come with the first of the month.

Where did the summer go? My kids are starting school in a couple of days! How is this possible? Why is it, that when we're kids, time moves incredibly slow, especially as we wait for something we are looking forward to. Now, I can't seem to slow down enough to catch my breath.

If any one of you has the secret to slowing time down, would you please share?

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