Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Seriously Stupid

Ok, this one's about me first.

I bought an Ipod on Saturday. Not only was this my first Ipod, (woo-hoo I'm only about a decade behind the times!) it was a splurge item. I don't have a tendency to spend a lot of money on myself. In fact, I kind of have to force myself to do it. Anyway, I bought the smallest one I could get - the Shuffle - less than $80 and it holds 240 songs - I figured that was plenty.

I loaded it up on Saturday, charged it up and Sunday morning it inspired me to go walking. I walked the hills around my house - found some areas I didn't even know existed. I continued to listen to it while I cooked, did housework, etc. Sure, I have a stereo in my living room, but this was cooler!

Monday I had the kids in the morning, as T was sleeping. I brought the Ipod with me as we met a friend for breakfast, took the kids shopping as they'd each had a gift card left over from their birthdays, and ran an errand or two. By the time we got back to the house, T was awake, so I dropped the kids off with him, and decided the Ipod and I were going for another walk. This was mid-afternoon and just too hot to do my usual neighborhood thing, so I headed off to the mall. Although I'm probably the youngest "mall walker" in recent history, it's air conditioned, and one loop is 1/2 a mile - so a few loops (including the stairs) does make for a good walk. After that, I went shopping. I bought a few kitchen tools, some shorts, and splurged on a new perfume. All the while, I was listening to the Ipod.

I got home to find that the kids and T were out somewhere, so I decided it was the perfect time for a nice relaxing bubble bath. While of course, still making dinner (yippee for slow cookers) and doing laundry. I started with a load of whites, and got the bath going with lavender scented bubbles. I realized I was wearing white shorts, so decided to toss those into the washing machine as well. Of course, you're all smarter than I am and know exactly what happened, don't you? It took me a little longer. I got out of the bath and thought to myself "Where's the... OH SHIT!!!" Yep. I washed my first indulgent purchase in ages.

I still have old clothes that my children wore, I have gifts from past "friends" from years ago, I have lip balm that's two years old. However, I ruined the Ipod in less than 48 hours. That's got to be some kind of record. Good thing for me, I bought the replacement plan and was able to get a new Ipod on my lunch break yesterday.

I decided part of this was due to the lack of name for the Ipod. I've now named him Pepe. No matter how dirty Pepe gets, he's just not getting a bath.

Ok, so now, as far as other people being not-so smart? I've got tons of stories for you. I'll save them for another day. The bottom line on most of them is still that I'm pretty stupid. I must be to continue to put up with being surrounded by it, right? Isn't the saying "water seeks its own level?" That tells me I probably have no room to talk - err, write.


alienbody said...

Hey, I see people doing far more stupid things daily...with cars. At least you just washed our iPod and did not kill anyone! Hmmmm, that is not as 'upbeat' as I hoped it would sound. Ahhh, it's so nice to see that I'm not alone in Stupid World. While I have never washed electronic equipment,I have done more than my fair share of less than intelligent moments. Unfortunately, I cannot recount it for you here, because I've blocked them all out. :-)

Chickenbells said...

Oh dear...I love my "Sweetie Tiny Ipod" it's a Nano...and the minute I put it on, I got to walking...they just encourage that don't they? It's like my special best friend (good lord) I am happy you purchased the warranty...Long live Pepe!

Unknown said...

What were you listening to that so absorbed you all day?