Monday, September 17, 2007

Spelling Lesson

I learned something valuable about myself this weekend. I've learned about something that really pisses me off.

I hate when people assume to think that they know me better than they do. I hate hearing things like "but you don't like to do that..." and "you love that!"; "since when don't you want to..." or "you meant to say... " - NO! NO! NO!

I am not a child. I am not in the same mood every day. I may have liked something in the past, that doesn't mean I like it today! I don't want to be pinned down!

Here's the crux... the more I have people telling me what I do and don't like - I've found the more secrets I tend to keep. Not really beneficial for healthy relationships - but I just hate having things assumed about me.

So, just in case anyone needs reminding - here's a friendly little spelling reminder - everytime you ASSUME you make an ASS out of U and ME.


alienbody said...

Wow! Somebody got an ASS chewing! U must be pretty upset about something. You must tell ME about it. I just think I'm so funny!

Chickenbells said...

Yeah...I think as we get older and have more life experiences (ie...getting divorces and having kids) we start to narrow down on what we do and don't like...and then we do it again...for everytime we're put in a situation. I love the idea of being less rigid and changing my mind...