Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Damn It, Do I Have To?

Grow Up, that is.

My last post was about the weekend from the mom perspective. What I left out was the part of the weekend before my kids came home.

I addressed two fears on Saturday - old age and perception.

Fear # 1 - I set up a new IRA account. I have a 401 (K) that's sat around for years and years. I don't think about it - I don't look at my investments, I don't really do anything with it. I opened it when I was with a company years ago, as it was just one of those benefits that come with the job, and since I left that company 5 years ago, I haven't done anything with it since. However, I'm growing up now, and actually went to the bank to set up an IRA. Ok, so I'm getting a push to do it from the company I've been with for the last 3 1/2 years, but still... I did it, even chose the funds I wanted to invest in.

After I did that... I dealt with fear # 2.

I went to a movie. By myself. I know, that seems like a strange thing to be afraid of, and I don't know where it comes from. It's mostly a female thing, I think - I don't know a lot of men that are unwilling to go to a movie by themselves, but the majority of my female friends won't do it either. This was actually the second time I've gone to a movie alone, but the first was on a business trip, in another city, another state, and my meetings didn't start until the next day. I wonder why women are reluctant to do these things by themselves? I don't have any problem going to a restaurant alone - so why a movie? Maybe because I didn't have anyone to make smart-ass comments to? Maybe because I associate movies with dating - and therefore movies are foreplay? In any case, I did it. I didn't see a movie I was particularly interested in seeing, but it was the only R rated move at that theater - and I was proving a point! I can see R movies! Neener Neener - I'm a grown up.

Damn It.

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alienbody said...

You are so grown up! I admire you. I'm not ready to copy you yet, but you go girl!!!