Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gift Etiquette

I love presents. Big or little, inexpensive nothings, or pretty things that sparkle and are associated with the word 'carat' - I love them all.

However, what is the etiquette for receiving a gift when you really don't deserve it?

Here's the specifics:

An old friend of mine sent me a gift. This is someone that I dated in HIGH SCHOOL - saw once or twice in the years following, and whom I've had sporadic e-mail contact with ever since. Oh, I still very much enjoy our conversations on IM and e-mail, we share joys and sorrows regarding our relationships and children, and I still consider us friends, even though I probably wouldn't recognize him if he was sitting next to me on an airplane.

However, this very sweet person sent me a gift to make me feel better about my impending divorce - to help me through. Here's the problem - I feel better than I have in years! I'm enjoying my home life again - even if I am a bit reluctant to leave my house. My children seem to have adjusted well, no fall-out (yet) that I can tell.

So, aside from the thank you note, which can't even begin to explain how nice a thought it was - what can I do? Please don't tell me not to keep the present - presents come along too rarely in this world, and I'm keeping it!


alienbody said...

Um...give it back? No way! If someone were to return a gift to me because they felt it was not deserved, I would be very insulted. It's like telling me that I'm incapable of determining when someone is worthy or not! I'm smart enough to do that. Just accept it graciously. There is no need to explain that you are happier than ever, because that will come out in conversations anyway. Let him know that you appreciate him caring so much.

Chickenbells said...

Accept it in the spirit in which it was given...and if you feel like you need to do something...send home made cookies...and if you make any extra, send me some too!

daddyof2 said...

Oh heck...I didn't give this gift out of pity or because you needed a cheering up! It was clear you made the right move and were happy about it. If I was there in person I would have given you a hearty congratulations and a big hug. Transitions, good or bad, still take a lot of energy. Consider it a congratulations gift and a celebration of you!

Just enjoy it!