Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sitting Around

I am not very good at it. Let's face it - I suck at sitting around.


Why do I always feel like there is something demanding my attention, and that it has to be dealt with? Oh sure, there's always something to do - don't get me wrong - but it will still be there the next minute, hour, day, right?

I get home from work, and I'm immediately on the go - between laundry, cleaning, other household chores, homework, food prep, consumption and clean-up, until I give myself permission to go to bed, the only down time I have is reserved for a bath.

Tonight, I'm taking a small break from all that and am going to have dinner with a friend. She, who shall remain nameless, as she is feeling quite guilty for forgetting my birthday a couple of weeks back, and I will enjoy a meal that someone else will prepare, someone else will clean up after, and I will also get the added benefit of knowing that someone else is paying for it, too.

Of course, that nice meal will have to wait until my 9 1/2 hour work day is done, the errands I need to run after work are completed, I regain ownership of Vinnie who is having his DVD player replaced, and... damn... here I go again!


Jomebrew said...

Ain't is swell!!!

alienbody said...

Ain't is swell!!! (oops, posted under the wrong account)