Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Have you ever met anyone who actually could look in a mirror and decide they looked good?

My friend that was just here is a beautiful woman. Everyone says so. Everyone but her. My friend M is a beautiful woman who can get her husband heated up in a moments notice - but does she think she looks good?

I look in the mirror and I see bad skin, too much weight around my belly, frizzy hair, etc. That's not all I am, and I logically know this, but still - that's what I see.

So I ask again, does anyone ever look in a mirror and decide they look good? Of course not - if that were the case the diet industry would be non-existent, the cosmetics companies would be out of business, and clothing would be a hell of a lot cheaper.

Why can't I just accept myself for the way I am? Why will I pass up candy in exchange for a Lean Cuisine for lunch? Why do I spend $75 a month on skin care? Why do I buy exercise equipment?

I bet if I added all the money I've spent to make myself look better, I could have just purchased a voluntary lobotomy - and I'd have been happier.


Cricket said...

All you have to do is be famous (like some of the Star Trek actors I met recently) and you can have "bed-head" and not be made up, and people still go nuts over you. Of course, us "mere mortals" are happy that our hair stays in place for 30 seconds after we brush it. Just thought you might like a little humor for the weekend...

alienbody said...

Mirrors are stupid!!!! M

Unknown said...

You always looked great. The difference between you and a model, or cheerleader, or prom queen was attitude. They knew and used it and were warped by their own sense of beauty. You never believed it, never were satisfied or happy with your looks. It was a frustrating combination of insecurity and humbleness that I found totally endearing.