Friday, March 28, 2008

Done Deal!


I was mostly right. I got there after him, so I chose not to sit by him. He was expecting me too, I could tell since he left me room to sit right next to him. He wore the tie that he wore when we were married. I found that strange. (And yes, he knew it).

The judge called us up, asked me a bunch of questions, seemed to really like my answers, and then asked him "with the exception of the pregnant question, do you agree with the answers given?" - He stammered out his "yes", but I got the feeling he was hoping for an opportunity to argue. He wasn't given one.

The papers were signed, filed, and copies were handed to us.

We left the courtroom to talk about some kid scheduling stuff, and yep, he asked for more money. I refused.

I left and went off for a lovely night with a terrific man.


alienbody said...

Done! I hope you are feeling a weight being lifted. Now, I'm really disappointed that you are not coming here to celebrate!

Chickenbells said...

congratulations! I had to sit in the defendants position (which I thought was telling) while my Ex kind of annoyed everyone in the room...I can't believe he asked for money...mine just asked for gum...ugh!