Monday, March 10, 2008

The Birthday Party

This might end up being a two-post tome...

I figured out what to do for S's birthday party a few weeks ago. This was brilliant! I wanted him to have a great birthday, but knowing that the ex-husband, ex-in-laws, parents, and SO were all to be in the same place at the same time, I wanted something in a more nuetral territory.

The brilliant plan was to do a party at the YMCA - it would start at 10:00 - and the kids would get an hour on the rock climbing wall. At 11:00 we would do cake and presents, and at 12:00, those that were interested could watch S and A play their last basketball game of the season.

This kept the party out of my house, left the decorating and clean-up to someone else, as well as giving the kids something fun and different to do.

That was the plan, anyway... alas... reality had to join the party (although it never RSVP'd - oh, but wait - that's part of the story...)

The invitations went out about two weeks before the party, requesting an RSVP date by March 1. Apparently - this date was a figment of my imagination. I waited until March 3rd, before ordering the cake and thinking I had the final number of party guests. Ha - silly me! Would you, my dear readers, like to know when I received the last RSVP? AFTER the party. No, you read that correctly. I was at the basketball game and listened to my voicemail - and there it was - the last RSVP for the party - ok, granted it had come in about 15 minutes before the party started, I just didn't hear it until afterwards, but seriously... come on parents!!!

So, as you know, my parents were also in town, and staying with me. We'd been having a nice visit, S and A were loving spending their time with their grandparents, D survived the meeting of the parents, etc., etc., etc.

Friday night before the party, I was supposed to meet my parents and the kids for dinner, while D drove a couple of hours to pick up his daughter (little d). Unfortunately, D had a long day and work, and as a result, some flash burn in his eyes, making it a little scary (ok, totally nerve wracking for me) for him to drive, so my parents watched two of the munchkins, and D and I went to pick up d. Round trip takes about 4.25 hours - so by the time we got back - we were all pooped. No worries, I'll get the party ready in the morning.

The morning didn't go well.

I got the goody-bags done, got most of the stuff I needed for the party (got that part... *most* of the stuff) and my mom and I set out to get set-up at the Y.

Problem 1: The cake was done wrong. The cake, which was a cupcake-cake was made with chocolate frosting, even though it specifically said "white frosting" on the order form. My son doesn't like chocolate. A quick fix - we added 12 white cupcakes around the edge of the cake - so that S could still enjoy his birthday cake.

Problem 2: The YMCA had no record of me booking a party. I got there about 9:40 - and nope, no party scheduled. The woman running the back building (hosts gymnastics and the rock wall wouldn't even let me *in* to set up, because she had no record of the party. Parents were starting to show up, and I couldn't even bring in the wrong cake.

Ok, more details to come - don't worry, in the end everything worked out fine... but it makes a better story to bitch about it.

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