Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Quiet Before The Storm

Saturday morning - around 9:45 AM. It's quiet. I'm alone with the animals - but only for a few moments. The weekend is here - the "days off" - however, this is when I feel my OTHER job starts. I'm now full time entertainment director, dietitian, educator, moderator, and all around meanie for a small but opinionated group.

The children and T will be home in just moments - back from Gymnastics at the Y. I take that hour (when I can) to relax, read, bathe, and plan the day. Yep, it's a busy hour - light on the relaxing.

Today's adventure should be another jaunt of geocaching. Dear friends in San Jose introduced us to this last November and we've been hooked every since. It's like a high-tech scavenger hunt and we find that it takes us to areas in our own city (and those we visit) that we wouldn't know about.

Sounds like my time is up. The quiet is about to disappear. So here's the question rolling around in my head today. Is it wrong to really want a true day off? One that has no responsibilities, no requirements. Remember when you were younger, and aside from working off that Friday-night hangover - your commitments were only the ones you made for yourself? I could spend an entire day doing things for ME. Now, when I actually work up the nerve to request time alone I'm plagued with guilt. I love being a mom, a parent, a guide, but where am I going? How much more can I teach without being given the opportunity to learn? And how does one learn without being out on their own from time-to-time?

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thatgirldina said...

I'm dying to know the answer to this one. I could have written this post myself. Well, minus the geocaching San Jose friend part anyway. :)

Happy Monday!