Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Game of Life

Now, I'm not talking about the one with the little blue and pink plastic people and the colorful cars. However, that's the question of the day. Is Life more like a board game or is it more like a video game?

In a board game, there's a winner at the end of the game. You're playing against at least one other person, and at the end someone has all the properties, someone catches the mouse, someone sinks all the battleships. And someone doesn't.

In a video game, you can be playing against someone else, but mostly you're playing against the machine. You may put off losing for a really long time - but do you ever really win? (I'm probably dating myself, here, I haven't actually played video games in a really long time, so let's think along the lines of Pac-Man, Donkey-Kong, etc.) As I remember it, you beat a level, only to go to the next level and try again. Now, I was never a very skilled Pac-Man player, so maybe there was a way to win, and I just never got there.

Hmm... I guess there's a lesson right there - how do you know there isn't a way to win, until you've played the game to the end?

So, the real question I am apparently asking myself today is - am I going to win this one - or is it just another level I have to master before I get to the next one?


Chickenbells said...

In my previous life that included the EX...there was a lot of video game playing (not me though, I'm not that great at video games) and there were a few games that did actually have ends. Tomb Raider...which was VERY cool, cause Laura Croft rocks...but I think that it only ended because that means they could hook you into buying a new game when they made them...but I remember another game that had an end. Now, the "boys" had been playing round the clock to get to the end and apparently had not done everything they were supposed to...because as the game ended, it took stock of what kind of person they were, and it told it over again. Be a better person.

Which I suppose, kind of describes my EX in a nutshell (I wonder if the irony was lost on him however)

I think though, that it's better to try to master a level and move on than it is to think you're done and realize that you actually have to go back and do it all again...

damn Liz...there's something super philosophical in this post...With that being said, I think you, Deenie and I should get together for coffee and talk about this one...

thatgirldina said...

again....what she said! Haha!

And yes, let's! Pick a date. I'm in!

alienbody said...

I want to come for coffee...sniffle...sniffle...I MISS YOU!