Monday, July 16, 2007

Bad Luck

Ok, I'm not really a superstitious person. In fact, in high school, I did an entire report on the origins and fallacies of superstitions. However, this Friday the 13th kicked my butt.

Well, technically, it was the week of the 13th - I had bad luck starting on Monday night. More on that later.

On Friday the 13th, I finally made it back to my office, where I can't help but feel that my travel delays were not exactly believed 100%. Not that I can blame anyone, I don't believe them myself, and I was there!

Anyway - I'm getting through my in-box, I'm trying to clear out my e-mail, etc., and we lose power. COMPLETELY. We have a generator (and a purportedly gorgeous generator guy) so that kicked in and we were able to limp along. However, the less important things aren't on the generator, so that meant no music, no lights, but worst of all no air conditioning. (Did I mention that it was 98 degrees that day?)

Power comes back on, and we get nice and cooled off. Near the end of the day we had an all-hands on deck situation - so I was needed in multiple places at once. We get through that, and I end up having to stay late to get my reporting done - so I leave around 5:40 that evening. (Of course I'd come in an hour early anyway!) so it was a very long first day back.

Unfortunately, the weekend wasn't exactly the time to relax and recuperate from our trip. We had to make the choice to put down one of our dogs this weekend. She was 15 years old, and had a good life, but that doesn't make it any easier. It was especially tough on T, who'd had her since she was a puppy and S, who is a sweet, sensitive boy. They both went to the vet to say good-bye, where I stayed home with A, who was sad, but not as affected by this. A had a party to go to, which served as a great distraction for her for the rest of the day and T and S went to go play golf - some nice bonding time, and hopefully helped them relax, too.

The bad luck continued the next day when S woke me up bright and early - with a fever. I spent most of the day dosing him with Tylenol and trying to force fluids down his throat. T went to work, and I played low-key bubble blowing games with the kids, then let them lie down on the couch for a movie. Amazingly enough, they both went to sleep pretty early, which was surprising since they both napped during the day - not a typical thing for them at all!

Of course, he's still sick this morning, and T has him at home. T worked last night, but with all the extra time I missed because of the travel fiasco, I couldn't imagine even attempting to call in to work today. Hopefully, S will sleep some, and T will be able to as well.

I will post about the trip, and about the delights of travelling with United Airlines. Don't worry - you won't miss out on a thing. However, as I'm still playing catch-up at work - that'll have to wait for another day.

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